Tuesday, May 15, 2007

U.S. Sweeps Iraq Seeking 3 Soldiers Missing in Attack

This was in the New York Times:

U.S. Sweeps Iraq Seeking 3 Soldiers Missing in Attack
by Kirk Semple

BAGHDAD, May 13 — About 4,000 American ground troops supported by surveillance aircraft, attack helicopters and spy satellites swept towns and farmland south of Baghdad on Sunday, searching for three American soldiers who disappeared on Saturday after their patrol was ambushed, military officials said.

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella insurgent group that includes Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, asserted that it had captured the three missing Americans and claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed four other American soldiers and an Iraqi Army soldier. The group offered no proof for its claim.

For the rest of the article, go here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/13/world/middleeast/13cnd-iraq.html?_r=1&hp=&pagewanted=print&oref=slogin

The problem with this is that on top of 4,000 soldiers going on a wild goose-chase that'll likely prove futile, it's only further agitating the already-dour relations between the occupation and Iraqi citizens. How many more doors are going to be knocked down as a result of this? It seems that as with so many other events and aspects of this invasion, Bush and the military are just taking another page out of the "just do something" playbook, rather than actually coming up with a sensible tactic.

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