Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm done with NBC

Yes, Zap2it has confirmed it: "Raines" has been cancelled.,0,7050500.photogallery?index=5

What a miscarriage of justice. NBC renews a show that has done extremely poorly in the ratings, and a show that was buried in the graveyard of Friday nights was still able to get better ratings. That show, however, couldn't have been a favorite of the NBC President, so it was cancelled. What a shame, "Raines" was a darkly brilliant show that really could have matured into a cult favorite if NBC had given it a chance. They gave Sorkin's clunker "Studio 60" a full season. They renewed "Friday Night Lights" and "30 Rock", both shows that haven't been able to find an audience. This is good, but why couldn't they have done the same for a show that only aired seven episodes?

I'm through with NBC. I'll buy the DVD's of "My Name is Earl" and "Heroes", but I won't be watching any NBC programming in the near-future.

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