Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Documentary in the Works on the Effects of Being Laid Off

Some time ago, I posted on my plans to launch an online support group on the (at the time) pending recession and unemployment. While I did launch the group (via Yahoo Groups), for whatever reason, people did not exactly sign up in droves. In addition, I was able to find employment not long thereafter. It is weird though. Now and again, some people must Google terms like "unemployment" and "recession", and come across the post that I made on this blog. So they'll comment and share their stories. Being as it would be a chore to look for it, I will have to seek it out, just to compile the comments and share them with you.

Even more strange, yesterday, I received two emails, sent within hours. One was from the Canadian newspaper, Globe and Mail, based in Toronto. The other was from a documentary film company named Optomen. Both solicted my assistance, the Globe and Mail for a story on unemployment, and Optomen for a documentary they are making about the issue. I was very humbled, and it made me feel bad that I did not put more of an effort in to reach out to potential visitors to a virtual support group. But, one would figure it'd be natural for people to want to seek out these outlets, as losing your job hits many of us hard. But, it's also stigmatizing. No one likes acknowledging to others that they do not have a job, despite the benefit of ayonomity that the Internet provide.

However, I received this letter from the Development Producer of this company, Optomen USA. They are in the process of working on a documentary about people hit by unemployment, and are looking for stories and experiences. If you are interested in telling your story, you can send an email to The full letter will be at the end of this post.

BTW, I am blessed in that I am working, and have just started my final class before I get my paralegal certification. It is probably going to be a bitch to get a job in a law firm for the near-term future, but I am confident that I will get something. I really do wish I could post more, but when I do not post for awhile, that means that things are going well. I simply have too many things going on to make the time to blog regularly. But, if you see blogs appearing from me on a fairly regular basis, then things probably are not going so well in terms of my career. But, I would have probably already blogged about it by the time that would appear obvious.



I saw your posting on The Unruly Pedestrian blog about the online support group you are starting for those who are laid off or unemployed. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can help us spread the word about a tv documentary currently in production that is looking to highlight and follow those who have recently been laid off.
Optomen Productions, an international television production company with offices in New York and London, is developing a documentary on the effects of being laid off and strategies people are using to try to find new employment in this turbulent economy. We are looking for job seekers who might be willing to be followed for the documentary.

Anyone interested in sharing their story is invited to send a brief paragraph to with the basic information of where they were laid off from, when they were laid off and what their plans are for the future. They are welcome to include additional information that they think might be appropriate.

This is a very important topic - and one that is currently affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give us in locating people with compelling stories to share.

Lynne Hoppe
Development Producer
Optomen USA
100 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10013