Tuesday, May 15, 2007

NoTube! Security fears push military to ban posting vids

I read this in The Daily News this morning.

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military blocked Web sites including YouTube and MySpace for soldiers around the world, saying they pose a security risk.

Internet use has become a troublesome issue for the military as it struggles to balance security concerns with privacy rights. As blogs and video-sharing become more common, the military has voiced increasing concern about service members revealing details about military operations or other information about equipment or procedures that will aid the enemy.

"I put my blog on there and my family reads it," said Lt. Daniel Zimmerman, an infantry platoon leader in Iraq.

"I keep it as vague as possible," said Zimmerman, 29. "I'm pretty responsible about it. It's just basically to tell a little bit about my life over here."

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What a disgrace. Our men and women in uniform are risking their asses every minute of every day in Iraq, and now the Pentagon is saying that they can't blog or make videos. I'm at a loss for words. If anyone should be able to blog, it's someone who's making the ultimate sacrifice and is serving in Iraq. But the Pentagon is flat-out stating that letting them do that will be aiding the enemy. So after years of baring their fangs to activists, saying that dissent is aiding the enemy, now they're saying that our troops can be aiding the enemy simply by blogging and telling their families, as well as any other American who reads military blogs, about their lives over there.

How this administration treats our military is sickening.

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