Thursday, May 10, 2007

Done With Perfect Dark

I'm done with Perfect Dark for now. I guess all gamers have that one game that's really popular and well-liked by virtually everyone else who's played it, but they personally can't get into it for whatever reason. For me, I think that game is Perfect Dark. I don't know what it is, I just can't get excited about this game when I'm playing it. I get frustrated, not the good kind of gaming frustrated in which it's challenging, but the stupid kind where you get lost for example. Now, I'm in Area 51, I just rescued the alien. I'm supposed to put him in a safe place, according to the several walkthroughs I've read. Unfortunately, it isn't clear where that safe place is. The only places accessible to me are the room I just escaped from, which now has gas in it, and two "containment" labs. Everything else is locked, and I leave the alien hoping it's the safe place, and it never is.

If you own an N64, I guess you're either a Goldeneye person or a Perfect Dark person. For me, I can only judge a game by its single player, and I enjoyed Goldeneye much more. I still play it today. I found the levels more diverse. The first level you're at a dam, the level I'm stuck on now is on a train, there's a level where you're in the snow, it's fun and atmospheric. I like the first level of PD, you're infiltrating a corporate building, and start off at the top, where you hear street traffic. After you leave the building, it goes downhill.

So, it looks like I'm gonna start playing Final Fantasy II tonight. With RPG's, I always have an energy drink and stay up till like 4 in the morning, they're those kinds of games.

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