Monday, May 14, 2007

Medford's a nice town, really

I live in Medford, which isn't the best town in Long Island, but it compares very favorably to our neighbors, Patchogue and Coram. I mean that you don't have roving bands of bums and malcontents in this town, which is good for me because I walk a lot (I don't drive). Anyway, this does give Medford a bad name. Staples just opened here around a week ago, and it's been robbed already. Read this:

By Christine Armario

A Staples store in Medford was robbed by a man who threatened to shoot a cashier if he didn't hand over cash, Suffolk County police said.

They said Troy Schnoor, 44, of Shirley, approached the cashier about 8:10 p.m. Saturday with a pack of gum he appeared to be purchasing. But instead of taking out his wallet, he said, "Give me the money or I'll shoot you," then reached down into the open cash register and took some money, police said.

The store manager called 911 and described the robber to police. As Officer Thomas Pryor was responding to the call, he spotted Schnoor walking on Horseblock Road in Medford.

The description fit, but no gun was found, police said. Schnoor was taken to the Sixth Precinct station house and charged with third-degree robbery.

He was arraigned in First District Court, Central Islip, and held on $50,025 cash bail.

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So, a man robs a store, and his getaway vehicle of choice is...his FEET? Someone put this guy in the genius files. He's probably one of the losers who come into my store every day.

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Anonymous said...

just fyi this guy has served his time and he is a great man people make mistakes.. and he is a very very smart man.. i love this man with all my heart