Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great video of Iron Shiek, LOL

Most people who know me know that I've been a big wrestling fan for most of my life. I'm not really that hardcore, truth be told, I've only been to one WWE event in my life (way back when Hogan was champion and it was still WWF; I'd attend more events if it wasn't for my crowd anxiety). But I've been pretty loyal as far as keeping up with wrestling; I even have the WWE 24/7 On Demand, which I highly recommend, especially if you're an old school wrestling fan. It has old house shows (when they used to be aired on free TV), Prime Time Wrestling, TNT, Saturday Night's Main Event, and a host of old organizations' programs (due to Vince McMahon buying them all out).

Anyway, I came across this great video that was pretty recent, this past weekend I think. To provide some background, it's an autograph signing of sports stars, a few wrestlers were there, like Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, The Ultimate Warrior, and Iron Sheik. Anyway, Sheik approaches Warrior's table to shake his hand. Warrior told him that he doesn't shake hands with hypocrites; apparently Sheik spread rumors about Warrior's drug use. Sheik explodes, this is hillarious, watch it now.

Sheik's outburst is priceless, he comes off as a total douchebag. Warrior, on the other hand, comes off as calm and professional. I can't believe Sheik even slapped the promoter. I love you, Sheik, don't ever change, LOL.

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