Sunday, May 20, 2007

Only Oceans Remain

No, actually, this isn't a post related to global warming. I found this group, Only Oceans Remain, on Myspace Music. This is actually the first time I listened to one of the groups featured on Myspace, I know it's pathetic, but I don't nearly have enough free time in the day to check out the bands on there. But I found out about this band via a Gamefaqs message board, and I was really impressed. I heard shades of Radiohead, for example, and a bunch of other groups. But the quality of the music and the recording is exceptional for an independent. I highly suggest that you visit their Myspace page and listen to all four of their songs.

That's the link, go to it, now. :)


Mike said...

This seemed super crazy that you found my band randomly on MySpace until I saw you visit GFAQs. I'm the guitarist in the band, and I truly appreciate your comments on our songs. Thanks a lot for listening, and for further displaying us in your blog.

By the way, I found this blog just by typing our band name into Google.

Jeff said...

Hi Mike,

People were talking about your group on a Gamefaqs message board, so that's actually how I found it. Honestly, I barely use MySpace, but I really enjoyed your songs.

No problem, always glad to help someone out.