Wednesday, May 2, 2007

24 Thoughts

I have a huge backlog of stuff to post about, not sure how much of it I'll get to, but I'll give my thoughts on "24" that was on this past Monday. It was a good episode. Has anyone noticed how Milo has basically fallen below the radar after his rescue of Marilyn Bauer? Now, he's just a guy walking around CTU and giving random observations, or asking random questions. The Milo-Nadia subplot seems to have been dropped and they're now working towards a Doyle-Nadia romance instead. It's interesting how when Nadia was deemed to be an "enemy combatant", that Doyle was standing over her, ready to extract whatever information she had, in a clearly superior position. But now, Nadia is head of CTU, and she's his superior.

But then she's made to look bad by Doyle, Jack, and Milo over not letting Jack see Audrey. I notice it's a historical pattern of "24" to have the women in authority be nearly total buffoons. From Alberta Green, to Erin Driscoll, to Michelle in Season 4, to Nadia, all of them show serious errors in judgment and are shown up by the men (mainly Jack or Tony). I don't know if this is just coincidential or how Surnow feels about women in power in general. Just something interesting I've noticed.

How about the very end, when Heller comes to confront Jack? Wow. That was ice-cold. In case you didn't see, Heller tells Jack he's not to see Audrey (eh, yeah, right) and adds that Jack "curses" everything he touches, and that one way or another, they end up dead. Damn. Heller may be a total asshole for saying that, but you can't question that statement. BTW, Heller looks damn good for a guy whose car plunged into a lake.

Perhaps the most shocking development for me this episode was that...Chloe CRIED. Not just misty-eyed like when Edgar died last year, but no, she really cried when Morris told her that they were done. It was a shock to see her like that, it almost made me cry. Morris, to me, is being a douchebag. Yeah, she said a fucked-up thing, but it's been a long day, and in any event, they're in the center of a crisis. He should learn to work with her, FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. I did like how Nadia reacted to him wanting a transfer. I wanted to smack him, and I think she did too. It's looking like Cheng might kidnap her to fix that override problem. It was nice this episode to see Chloe being used for a change. She's been very underutilized for most of this season, IMO.

I'm laughing at Lisa Miller. She was the mole, albeit the unwitting kind. She just reminds me of one of the podpeople, beautiful but totally alien. I event felt bad for Daniels when he found out that she was screwing around on him. He actually became more human as a result rather than the psycho megalomaniac I've seen all season, and I welcomed the change.

Well, I think I'm done for now. Only 3 episodes left, and one more big twist around the corner, according to the promo. I hope it's good.

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