Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sorry, but I'm tired, lol

I meant to post a lot on here today, but I'm home now and I'm shot. So I'm going to crash, watch the Star Trek Animated Series DVD that's going to have to go back to the library soon. Then, "House" and "The Shield" are coming on tonight, so a busy night for TV. I probably won't be able to finish my Sopranos review, so sorry for that too.

I had no choice but to use the Patchogue Library's computer lab, and it's always a mediocre to horrible experience. Today was the latter, as you had library employees and patrons just bullshitting, which to me is inappropriate considering the setting. Pretty loudly too. It's also really small, compared to a library like Sachem. I've only been in that lab a few times, but I absolutely love it. It's spacious, you have room to breathe, it's neat and well-coordinated by staff. If you're running your mouth, you'll be confronted very quickly. I hope in the renovation, that the Patchogue library will try to do something with the computer room. Anyway, I finally had to leave because some smelly kids sat next to me. People need to get their priorities straight, lol. I usually shower BEFORE I download porn or update my Myspace page. Anyway, I might be on later, but I doubt it. If not, have a good night.

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