Monday, May 14, 2007

"24" Thoughts

Good episode overall. Something that still doesn't make sense to me, is why would Russia attack the U.S. over a piece of circuitry? Despite the writers' efforts to make us understand how this can be possible, I just don't get it. So the writers of "24" mean to tell me that there's a country, especially one as advanced defensively as Russia, that bases their entire security system on one piece of circuit technology? Also, and I mentioned this last week, shouldn't the U.S. be holding China's feet to the fire for what Cheng and his guys are doing?

It's probably just me, but I found the Lisa Miller subplot really humorous. It left plenty of room for ad-libbing from me. When Daniels was yelling at Tom after Lisa being attacked, asking, "Where were you?", I thought Tom would say "Sorry, I was just changing my underwear."

We'll have to wait till next week for Jack to, hopefully, exact his final revenge on Cheng. He almost did tonight, but he got away. I'll miss Cheng, he's a bad guy I love to hate, and I get a kick when he calls Jack "Mister Bowah".

Jack and Co. were able to take back CTU from Cheng's men, in a cool, condensed 80's action sequence. He then rescued Phillip, who by the end of the episode was taken by Doyle via helicopter, presumably as part of the deal that the White House is about to make with Phillip Bauer.

Another thing that doesn't make sense: if Phillip wants to take away his grandson and groom him because he's his "legacy", why do it in China? I'm sure a shadowy creep like Phillip Bauer would have connections all over the world. Why would he go to China?

Anyway, that's about it for now. From next week's season finale, I know that Bill's coming back and that something might have happened to Chloe (we see a crying Morris standing over her, at least that's what I saw).

Also, remember that the season finale starts at 8 next week, not 9.


SVC Alumnus Blogger said...

Killing off Chloe will probably be like killing off my viewership.

Here's to the smart ones!!! CHOLE-ERRS!!

Jeff said...

I have hope that Chloe won't be killed off. Near the beginning of the season, one of the creators said that a serious break would be taken from killing off major characters, since a lot of people felt 3 major characters being killed off in the first ten minutes of Day 5 was too much.

I know that anything can happen in the world of "24", but I feel safe in betting that Chloe will survive into Day 7.