Tuesday, May 22, 2007

24 Finale Thoughts

Last night was the Season finale of 24. Awesome describes it nicely. Some people have complained about a drop in quality this season. That's arguable, I could understand why they might feel that way, but I think it was pretty solid and I'm sure my opinion of it will only heighten with repeated viewings. If those people are looking for something a little more stimulating, they should switch over to Two & A Half Men, or something.

This may be unusual, but I want to start with the ending. Some people loved it, some people hated it. I loved it. Kiefer should be nominated based on that one scene alone. Devane was excellent too. Heller really was an asshole when he told Jack that everything he touches dies. That might be technically true, but as Jack pointed out in the closing minutes of last night, Heller and everyone like him looked to Jack for the good of the country, so they share a lot of the responsibility for how Jack's life is.

At the very end, when he's looking to the sea, I thought that was really intense. He was perhaps considering suicide. Jack realized that he is a killer who can't love people even though he wants to. The most exciting thing, to me, about the ending, is the possibilities it leaves open for next year, which are pretty much infinite. No one knows, based on the end, what's going to happen next year. Whereas in all other seasons (with the possible exception of Day 3), you had a general idea of what was likely to occur at the beginning of the season.

And to the people who were upset at the producers and TV Guide for being misleading in giving a "spoiler" to the ending ("A long-thought dead character returns"), get over it. This is "24", these people guard the plot development and twists with a secrecy that would be welcomed in the CIA, they're not going to give "hints".

From last night's episodes, it seems apparent that this is the last we'll see of Bill and Karen. I'm hoping I'm wrong, as I love them, especially Bill. They were kind of the Tony and Michelle for the balding, middle-aged crowd. But it was great how they risked it all for Jack, knowing that he's always right. Just one thing, I had no idea Bill could fly a chopper. Did he call CTU and ask them to upload the chopper-flying program? I didn't see him blink his eyes.

Two (possibly, three) characters died this year: Curtis, Milo, and possibly Charles Logan. Curtis's upset me the most, as his death didn't really make much sense. Milo gave his life selflessly for Nadia, leaving the way clear for Doyle. The last we saw Logan, he was crashing in the back of the ambulance. If he is dead, I'll miss him the most, as he was the president I loved to hate.

I would have liked to see Wayne Palmer make an appearance in the finale. I wonder if he'll be okay, and I better be informed next season.

A part I loved was when Doyle apologized to Jack after the fake component blew up in his face. "I'm sorry, Jack, you were right. Get the boy." Jack: "You were just following orders." Than he "commandeers" a helicopter, totally disregarding orders. Only Jack could do that, LMAO.

Hopefully Cheng will be in prison for a long time. Although I really doubt we'll see it in any season, I would love for a Bubba to get hold of him, put him in a little dress and a wig, and have Cheng say "me love you long time" in a little Asian girl voice.

I hope to comment more on the finale later, but that's it for now, unfortunately. I always look forward to every season, and it always seems so long the day after, but this time, I'm really, really excited about the next season. It ended on a somber note, but you know that Jack has come full circle and this opens up any number of possibilities for where the show can go. The critical drubbing, although I disagree with some of it, can only make the producers think outside the box and come up with new, innovative ideas to make "24" even better. I have to curb my 24 withdrawals, there's only so many times I can watch the DVD's, I have to start reading the books.

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