Thursday, May 17, 2007

Christopher Hitchens Rules

I know this is a repetitive title, but it's true. I'm listening to Howard 100 on Sirius and is talking about the death of Jerry Falwell. Falwell was a malicious man and the news of his death was taken by me in the same way that Bin Laden's death would be taken: as no great loss, as the death of a hateful religious extremist. This is the man who blamed America for 9/11. Anyway, Stern aired footage from Fox News's "Hannity and Colmes", in which they were interviewing writer/intellectual Christopher Hitchens about Falwell. Hitchens just told it like it was. He called Falwell "a turd", "an extremist who blamed America for 9/11", etc etc. I'm going to track down a full video on Youtube, hopefully, it really was a great appearance. Hannity took himself to new lows in trying to mischaracterize Hitchens, and he was having none of it. Hitchens' blunt honesty on any issue is very refreshing, although I've disagreed with it at times.

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