Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oregon Chai Tea

This is wonderful. I just discovered the Oregon Chai line of tea lattes at my area Target. Basically, it's tea concentrate in a box, you fill the cup halfway with that, than add milk or soy. You get a delicious, creamy, and healthy drink. I have one in the morning and one at night, it totally relaxes me.

I emailed them to tell them how delicious their tea lattes were, and also to ask them how I can recycle their boxes, and I got a wonderful personal email back, they even offered me coupons. What a great company, and their tea rocks. Go visit them at Just for the email and the coupons, they are now the official sponsors of my blog, unless they say otherwise. :)


Tumbling Marbles said...

I bet they get it imported from Darjeeling and nearby areas. Cause if it's that good as you describe it to be; has to be from ...

How about swapping blogroll links?

Jeff said...

Sure, I actually wasn't familar with blogrolls until you posted about them, but I'm looking it up and as soon as I install it on my blog, I'll be glad to add you.