Friday, May 18, 2007

Final Fantasy II

I find this game pretty addicting. I'm still early into it, so it might yet turn into a grindfest, but I just reached the point where I get that tool (name escapes me at the moment) where I can get into the door of the Kass'ion village, and Josef sacrifices himself so that I and my party can get out of the cave. After playing FFI, where the story was nonexistent and I was just leveling up, this is so refreshing. To me, the value and playability of an RPG has everything to do with what story there is and how good it is. A game where I'm just leveling up and battling monsters is liable to put me to sleep. I really like a game like this, it's really like reading a good book. I took a night off last night from playing it, I started playing Boktai for Game Boy, but I might start playing again tonight.

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