Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Conservatives Hate Bush

This is a good article from the Washington Monthly about the Republicans who are scurrying off the Bush administration like rats off a sinking ship. Nothing's changed about how Bush is governing, it's just that as this country plummets as a result of the lack of his leadership, they're finally beginning to notice. But, as you can expect, their criticisms can be based on faulty reasoning. Like "Bush gives in too much to liberals", when in reality, he can stand to compromise more. Ronald Reagan is mentioned as an example of a president who knew when to back down a bit, when the time was right (despite the wingers' historical revisionism that claims otherwise). As a result, he came off smelling like a rose and will always be fondly remembered, at least by conservatives. Bush will easily come across as one of our crappiest presidents ever.

I can never take Republicans seriously, because they lie so blatantly on their claims that they're all about "small government". Reagan talked about the evils of big government, but government still grew under him. The same with Bush. In 2000, I remember Bush railing against the size of government, he had people like Grover Norquist on his team and he repeatedly made a statement that he trusted the people, not the government. Yet, after 9/11, what was the very first thing he did? Why, he created more government (Homeland), of course!

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