Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Every time I read about things of this nature, it just makes me sick to my stomach, both as a lover of independent film and as someone who's barely making it. For at least the past few years, the Sundance film festival has been co-opted by these major companies who give swag (free stuff) to celebrities. This year, the free things include jewelry and IPod cases encrusted with diamonds. And the number of companies participating continue to grow with each year.

From this article, it looks like the Sundance Institute isn't involved in this, and in fact criticizes it. It really takes away from what the festival is intended to be about, and draws leeching celebrities who get this free shit, and could afford to pay for it 20 times over. It reminds me of the tale of the king who had a feast prepared, so he could eat it within the view of his starving subjects in front of the castle, and then after a few bites has it thrown away.

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