Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things that Irritate Me

Sometimes, I get so annoyed with something that happened to me that I feel a need to vent about it. Now, with the power of blogging, I can fulfill that need to millions of people all over the world. Okay, well, maybe to just the two of you who actually visit here. But I've been taking a winter course the past few weeks as part of my paralegal program. I just finished today, and I think I did really well. In a week, I'm starting a spring schedule with four courses. In one of the courses, I'll have the same professor I had for this winter course. I asked him for a list of the reading material for this spring course. He gave it to me, and one of the other students in the class offered me her books.

I could easily get pretty much any textbook on Amazon Marketplace for dirt cheap (compared to the college bookstores), so I didn't really need to take her up on that offer. But I thought it was gracious of her to do, so I accepted. Maybe she needed the money. She needed to copy some things from the books down, so would I mind waiting a bit? No problem, I said, take your time. She takes my number down, as we still had to agree on price.

Yesterday, the day before the last day of class, I came to her, seeking to agree on a price and seal the deal. Before this, a very nice lady who was also in my class made another offer to me for the books. But I politely declined, thinking this girl would make good on our agreement. She did initially offer in the first place, right? But when I came to her yesterday, she told me that she'd call me later, and she couldn't have been any more dismissive about it. So, sure enough, she didn't call me yesterday, today was the final day and an exam day, so I wasn't able to discuss it with her then.

So with a week before class, I still have no books. I'll get them from the Marketplace, at a cheap price, so I'm really not losing anything. Stuff like this just bothers me, though. I'm doing better, but I used to have serious self-esteem issues. Who voluntarily offers some kind of service or sale, and then doesn't even bother to formally renege on it, they just hope you forget about it? Why even offer it to begin with? And why not just tell me that you had second thoughts and you don't want to sell? So at least, if that other lady was sincere in her offer, I could have gotten them from her instead?

So, the moral of this story is that people pretty much suck. Even when you think that some of them are good and your faith in humanity is a little restored, you still end up biting it in the end. But outside of my (very small) family, no one's done anything for me in my 28 years, so why expect them to start now?

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