Friday, January 4, 2008

To All You Students Out There

I don't know how many students read my blog, probably not very many, but those of you who do will be glad you did. Because I have a tip that will raise your grades and will make you a better all-around student. And it's something very easy, but which many people do not do for whatever reason. So take my advice: if your teacher or professor is open to having you take a recorder to class and record his lectures, than by all means, do it. I didn't get in the habit of doing this until very late in college. During the last few classes I was required to take before getting my degree, I was struggling badly, as those courses were math & science, which I never did well in. Anyway, after getting a 53 on my first meterology exam, someone suggested to me that I bring a tape recorder to class. At this point, I was willing to try anything, so I started bringing it to class, copying it later for notes, and on the exam after that, got an 85. I ended up getting an A- in the course.

Right now, I'm taking a Business Law course to start off my Paralegal Certification program. The other day, I took an exam and got a 94, the highest grade in the class. Again, I've been recording the lectures and listening to them at home, even while doing things like reading and going to sleep. Using a tape recorder will be of more value to you than the best notes in the world. I'm not a particularly good notetaker, so it's worth a lot to me. It'll turn potentially failing courses into passing courses, and in a course you're good at, it'll make you better.

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