Saturday, January 19, 2008

Congresswoman proud that Americans are working two jobs

A Congresswoman from Minnesota said earlier this week that she is proud that many of its inhabitants are working more hours and two jobs. I'm flabbergasted by how arrogant and out-of-touch these people are. To think that anyone would choose to work two jobs out of choice, rather than necessity. To boot, Republicans are usually the party who talk about family values and moral erosion. Let me tell you, this accelerating turn of our economy being one where people are working 2 jobs (both likely to be dead-end jobs with no pay) is a much greater detriment to the American Family than a few gay people getting hitched. You have problems with kids in school because they have no guidance, their parents are working day and night.

Oh, and BTW, click on that link above and tell me that Michele Bachmann isn't a dead ringer for Cuddy from "House".

Also, I got linked to the above article from this excellent blog about a baby boomer lamenting the disappearance of the nuclear family in America.

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