Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally, something I can agree with Hillary on

A week or so ago, I wrote a blog that strongly blasted Hillary as a candidate and as a person overall. I titled my blog "It's All Over But the Crying", but I was wrong, as she was able to pull one out and win New Hampshire. I'd compared her campaign to Ed Muskie's once he started crying, but I had a chance to see the video and it was certainly overblown by the media.

I still don't care for her and wouldn't vote for her in a hundred years, but she did say something that I agree with. Bush has been in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, begging them for cheap oil. What an embarrassment. Our country's become this broke junkie, begging his dealer for a complimentary fix. And Hillary rightly called him out on it. At the end, the Arabs aren't really the problem. It's the speculation of oil, it's Bush bombing out of the biggest oil producers, it's Asian countries deciding they want to live more like Americans, it's our own greed and consumption.

And Hillary also called for a real energy policy, which would include a green job-market that'd lessen the blow of the coming recession. I say, "hear, hear!" But this was really an easy decision to make after 9/11, and there was a window in which this would have been possible, in which the American people would have went along with it. After our country was attacked, if Bush had stood up and been a leader, and said "we are funding these kinds of terrorist attacks by our addiction to oil" and called for lower consumption and viable, green alternatives, we might be on our way to a different world today.

Like I just said, I don't like Hillary, wouldn't vote for her, but I'm in an "ABB" vibe right now. It's a year off, and it seems so long. Can we survive this?

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