Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breaking Bad

It wasn't too long ago that I wouldn't give you a nickel for most of what was on TV. It was watchable, but not a lot of it was groundbreaking and totally got you into the show. I used to prefer movies. But in the past few years, that trend's reversed and watch more TV than I do movies (of course, the writers' strike has kind of altered those plans). There is just so much good stuff on, but you have to know how to look. You have to avoid the reality crap.

But there's a really good-looking show that's coming on AMC (remember them, they used to show old movies) called "Breaking Bad." It's with Bryan Cranston, he was the dad in "Malcolm in the Middle." He seems to play a character that's totally different from what he played in "MIM". He's a high-school chemistry teacher who has a mid-life crisis and opens a meth lab. The premise sounds really interesting, and I thought he was great in "MIM", so I'm looking forward to it. I already missed out on that other show on AMC, "Mad Men", which I've heard is very good too.

"Breaking Bad" is coming on AMC this Sunday at 10 PM.

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