Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unemployment and Recession support group

I just started a new group on Yahoo! Groups, called the Unemployment and Recession support group. I've been pretty much unemployed since last July, and with the advent of a recession, something tells me it isn't going to get any easier in finding work. I'm enrolled in a one-year paralegal certification program to broaden my skills, but until that's over, I'm just trying to keep my head above water. It's a very sobering, unnerving experience, and I know that I can't be alone. So please join and share your experiences:


Dee said...

Good luck with that Jeff. Hopefully, upon graduation, with your certificate, you will find a decent paying job, especially if you do not have any prior experience. I have heard from more than one person that finding your "first job" is difficult. You may need to take an unpaid, or low-waged internship to gain the experience first. I know that hurts your pocket (I am an unemployed legal secretary), but that might be your best hope. I commend you for making the commitment for your career.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I have been more or less unemployed since 2002. I have a few degrees under my belt and it seems like I can't even land a clerk job. They probably think I'm overqualified and I'm pretty certain there's age discrimination in the mix also. I had hopes of getting a Medical Coding and Billing degree but the coursework is almost like going to Medical school. I don't know that I'm that smart certainly not anymore. I desperately need at least a part time job but it seems impossible. I'm only getting by with a meager disability and adding to the woe is I lost my father this past August.

Anonymous said...

Next to having a horrible illness, unemployment is one of the hardest things to go through in life. My husband has been out of work for a few months and has just about given up hope of finding anything. Hes 62 and really too young to collect social security (also too big a reduction in pay for rest of life!) I am his wife and I too was laid off over a year ago after 16 years working in a real estate office. I am still not over that and have constant nightmares. I lost my mom about a year ago and have been a depresses and lonely state for quite a while. Coming home every day and seeing your husband on a chair sleeping with a blanket over him is really making me nuts! He has no friends or acquaintances to network with. He looks constantly on internet which is a waste of time. Most articles say you have to be creative, leave your home and knock on doors. He wont do this. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! frustrated wife

GAIL said...

Nice to meet another in a similar situation. Yes the spammers are a giant headache. Being an engineer [unemployed for 2 recessions now] I am poor yet full of ideas. The forgotten ones cannot survive unless they [we] band together. It is common knowledge that after 9 months of unemployment, recruiters lose interest. I did start a website devoted to assisting those in poverty [ ] to occupy my time. No money for proper advertising however, so basically noone knows I exist.

But I have another idea to propose. I would like to setup a network whereby the members pass each others' resumes around. The probability is that the members would hail from various geographical regions and professional sectors, have large circles of friends. And the forwarding of resumes to acquaintances, friends, previous employers, .... might just be a strategy that works. It involves a measure of trust, that everyone participates equally.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I have been unemployed since April, 2008. The hardest part of this is to not feel sorry for myself. I find that doing volunteer work is a good way to keep myself busy and challenged. I hope this recession is over soon!

Paula said...

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Anonymous said...

I can really empathize with many of the people and posts I have just read here. It's a bear to be unemployed and, in my case, lose the roof over my head. Being in IT myself, it seems a shame because through no fault of our own, our jobs have been going to India etc... for years. Finally my turn came I guess. Gail, I admire your selflessness. I checked out your site. Not much there but it's a nice photo:-)
I have also started a blog to try and dig myself out of this hole. In case anyone is interested it is at
Good luck to you all.

Michelle said...

My husband and I both lost our job on the same day. Money wasn't that great before we lost our jobs but we were getting by comfortably. We've only been out of a job for a couple of months and have already gone through our saving, mainly because of an unexpected hospital stay that I had to endure. We can't find a job at job and things are starting to get really scary. I'm just waiting for the utilities to get cut off and I don't know what I'm going to do if rent comes time to be paid. I've looked into gov. assistance and all I can et it food stamps, which is great but why have food stamps when then electricity will be cut of and the fridge wont work. What I don't understand is, I've head all these stories about people that have been in the same boat as me for longer than me but they still have there homes and their utilities are still on. I'm so stressed and can't find a job and don't know what to do besides hit up a convenient store (lol) Can someone please give me some ideas for alternative way to come up with any kind of inncome?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, start a blog like I did. Make the posts creative and interesting. Sign up with affiliates so you can put their banner ads on your site. Also, use Google Adsense. The more traffic you can get to your site, the sense of solidarity you will feel and you might begin to make money on the advertising. I started my blog awhile after I became homeless. So far, it's going okay but could be better. Both you and your husband can contribute articles etc...Make things compelling and the readers will come.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I have been unemployed over year, I was laid off after my maternity leave. I am truly depressed and for many jobs that I have applied I am overqualified... good luck for all and thanks for the blog

Anonymous said...

This is a gloomy gathering in that only the unemployed are leaving comments here.
What about the opportunity this recession provides us all, to face our collective consciousness about money in the first place, head on?
It seems there are incredible relational opportunities here, to gather the still gainfully employed around a single unemployed person, in order to sustain them through monthly tithing that could cover the costs of rent and basic utilities, for example, while that individual is in a pro-active job search. The parameters of agreement for such an idea can be established by each group and the recipient.
How might we each learn to deal with poverty first-hand in these constructs of direct contact?
How might we all grow out of fear and shame around money?
What issues might we clear up, in our psyches individually and collectively, where money is concerned?
How might we collectively re-emerge from this recession as generally healthier human beings in our relationships to money?
After all, this recession is not forever so, do we want to grow in the lessons that are possible now, or do we want our fears to dominate that potential in us all, while we just survive this recession?
We are in this all together whether employed or not and not working will continue to affect the world of business and those who are working. What kind of impact do we want? Finding, defining the solutions takes all of us working together without exception.
*Yes, I have been unemployed the same length of time as the author of this blog.

David said...

Hello everyone. My name is David and I am currently working, but underemployed. I graduated with a masters in 2008...right into this poor economy. Although the part time I do have is related to my degree, it is minimal and not sustaining. In Rochester, NY, there are ample opportunities for networking professionally and I am taking advantage of that. With me, it's the humiliation of always having to answer to someone else's judgement of just how " good a fit" I am for the job when I apply. Either I am overqualified (age is a part of that) or not specifically qualified. I'm stuck even with loads of experience and willingness to learn. I am thankful for a loving partner who knows I am proactive. She is very encouraging. Thanks for the sounding board Jeff and may you all find what you want.