Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now, It's Official: They Lied

A new report from the Center of Public Integrity, after meticulous research, has determined that the Bush administration lied to us 935 times on Iraq. Everyone from George W. Bush, to Colin Powell, down to the press secretaries, fed us a streaming bowl of crap when it came to this invasion. And the public outrage over this is nowhere near what Clinton got when he received oral sex as President. People, of both parties, still defend us going in there in the first place, and continue to defend it when it's so painfully obvious that it was the wrong call.

And the media, as always, is nowhere to be found where this story is concerned. Heath Ledger's death receives round-the-clock coverage (nothing against him, he was a fine actor and will be missed), but this, at the most, will get a brief mention on the nightly news.

So, in the words of Bob Dole, "Where is the outrage?"

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