Thursday, January 17, 2008

CEO of GM says oil's peaked...

...and that switching to electric cars is "inevitable." But wasn't there once an electric car? Why, yes, there was, if the events documented in the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" are true, and why wouldn't they be? This CEO is talking about how electric cars are a long-term prospect, and that in the meantime, we need some kind of alternative to oil, like ethanol. But the reality of this is likely that they can bring back the electric car tomorrow if they wanted to.

But, even in this era of dwindling oil supplies, soaring prices, and the melting of the ice caps, it's still all about getting paid. My mom told me all the time when I was a kid that "money is the root of all evil." I just thought it was something that mothers said to their kids, and laughed when Ben Affleck said in "Boiler Room" that "whoever says that the money is the root of all evil, doesn't fucking have any." But after reading story after story, I'm coming around to my mom's point of view. Our country's built on money. That's our foundation. Increasingly, no public good (such as going to the hospital) can be performed without someone asking if you have any money. The car companies could do the right thing and roll out electric cars tomorrow, so the Arab oil barons who fund terrorism can screw off and Americans wouldn't be getting ass-raped at the pumps. But again, it goes back to what I said about getting paid.

BTW, I highly recommend "Who Killed the Electric Car?" A great, absorbing documentary that'll have you rethink things.

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