Thursday, January 10, 2008

Air Jordans and global sustainability

The Bru Notes, as always, has a worthwhile blog on consumerism and world stability, this time surrounding Nike and their Air Jordan line of sneakers. It links to an article about how this year's model of Air Jordans are the most "green" yet. My hat is off to Nike for having sustainability standards, especially since their consumer base mostly shows no interest in environmental issues. But the B-Notes make an excellent and fitting analogy to exercising while eating higher amounts of low-calorie foods. That's what this latest example with Nike is. It's wonderful that they're putting more time and expense into making a sneaker that's more enviromentally-friendly, but if you're taking up more and more resources in the long run, than is it really effective?

When more and more people are buying your product, as Bru points out, you're going to use more resources anyway.

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