Monday, January 21, 2008

Rudy's Fall

What happened to this guy? A few months ago, he was the man to beat in the GOP primaries. Now, everyone's beating him. Even Ron Paul, who's being blacked out by the media, is beating him decisively in the primaries. And now, there's a poll out stating that he's losing his own state to John McCain.

It's apparent that waiting until Florida to be a serious competitor was a huge error. When you're not competing to win in the first states to hold primaries or caucuses, you're not being covered or talked about much by the media. Every other competitor (again, Ron Paul excepted) is getting valuable time in the media. When potential voters in other states see the poll results on the bottom of the screen and see Rudy taking up the rear, they see someone who isn't going to win. I still think it's possible that he can win Florida, but now there are 3 top-tier candidates who have won primaries that he has to contend with.

I don't really care about who gets the Republican nomination (nor the Democratic) but I especially hope that it isn't him; his positions on foreign policy are really bellicose.

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