Saturday, January 12, 2008

School, Jobs & Blogging

This is a nice little blog from BuzzMachine about job applicants, particularly in the journalism field, and the importance of having a blog for employers to examine. This struck with me because as a job applicant with hopes of breaking into the legal field, I've often wondered whether to link to my blog on resumes or job engines like Monster. I try to give well-thought out opinions and analysis of whatever catches my interest on this blog, and whatever readers have come across this blog seem to believe that I do that. But on the other hand, you also run the risk of offending somebody, particularly if you're talking politics and don't believe in censoring yourself.

For now, when I do give a URL, it's to my Myspace page. I figure that it's more benign and gives an employer a more narrow look into my interests. But, if anyone is reading this blog, I ask you: do you think a blog has any value in a job search?

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