Friday, August 3, 2007

Woman gets fired from her job for being in "Sicko"

If you saw "Sicko", you'll probably remember Adrian Campbell. She was that hot lady from Michigan who had to travel into Canada and pretend to be the common-law wife of a Canadian to get free health care. Anyway, she was fired from her job as a manager of a department store for being in the movie. Her supervisor called her "anti-American" for taking part in it. As she asks, what is "anti-American" about wanting a universal health care system in this country? I already see it in this upcoming election. Guiliani has some kind of nonsense "solution" and in the meantime he brought up the calamities of a "socialized health care system" as he puts it. Like it's this really awful thing that just can't come to fruition.

Anyway, the company that Adrian was working at is called Meijer. You should call them and tell them that firing her has backfired. For those in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, or Ohio, call them at 800-543-3704. Elsewhere, call 616-453-6711.


Self-employed Susan said...

Thanks for posting that info.

I live in Michigan and I shop at Meijer all the time (it's a huge grocery retail chain - similar to WalMart, if you don't know).

I'll be taking my business elsewhere. And spreading the news. Corporations have their employees by the balls because people don't want to lose their precious health coverage. We're slaves to our current profit-driven healthcare system.

I would so much rather have basic coverage for everyone than be at the "leading edge of genetic research and biotechnology" and all that other crap.

Personally, I think the nursing home industry and hospitals alike want to make sure we invest huge amounts of money to postpone lifespan (regardless of the quality). They want to "suck you dry" of every last penny before they bury you.

Wouldn't it be more humane to simply provide everyone stitches, or an appendectomy, or limb repair when needed?

My young neighbor was turned away from our local hospital's emergency room. She had terrible cramps after eating at a Mexican restaurant. She had no insurance, so they told her to go home - it was just the spicy food! Her appendix burst later that evening! True story.

Jeff said...


I'd like to give my thanks to you for visiting, and I hope you make my blog part of your occasional (or better yet, daily) web surfing :)

I wasn't sure what kind of store Meijer's was, but I did have that idea, that it was a Walmart type outfit.

I'm very happy that you won't be going to Meijer's. Adrian Campbell discovered my blog and wrote me a wonderful email to express her thanks. It just got me all that more upset that they could do this to such a nice person.

I really am hopeful that it's only a matter of time before we have a single-payer system. Between the increasing amount of horror stories, and that most every other industrialized country has it, something has to give eventually. But the health insurance companies will fight tooth-and-nail before that happens.

I agree with you also on our "technological edge" over other countries. While that may be true, I also believe it's blown out of proportion, that the U.S.'s adventage in this area is inflated by those who have an agenda to keep the status quo. Besides, all the advanced technology and all the MRI machines don't do us any good if we can't afford them, or have to have its use pre-approved by our HMO before our doctor can test us.

It wouldn't be just more humane to provide people with the care that they need, it's also a matter of common sense, even if we're talking in context of a for-profit health system. So many people, whether they have insurance or not, when they feel there's something wrong with them, they try to work through it and hope it goes away on its own rather than going to the hospital right away. This only costs the health industry more money down the road. But the industry discourages preventative care.

That story you told me sounds so typical. If you haven't visited it yet, I highly suggest you visit the Sicko movie website. It has a lot of first-hand stories posted by people like you, about the horrors of our health system. You can find it at

Thanks again, Susan, for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)