Monday, August 20, 2007

A Change for the Blog

In case you haven't noticed, I've changed the name of my blog again, hopefully for the last time. I liked "Fun 'N Politics", but I just found it very generic, and didn't explain a lot about the site or myself. But I had a thought when I was walking to Target today. I'm someone who's very unique in that I live in a suburban area, where everyone drives a vehicle, and I'm a pedestrian. If it's a far distance, a family member usually drives me, but a lot of times, I walk. It's not a really uncommon sight to see, but walking on the side of the street here is usually associated with being homeless or very, very poor. Someone who's pretty sophisticated, goes to Starbucks most days, and blogs, can't be seen on Route 112 walking, can't he?

But this just came into my head as I was walking, and thought "what a cool name for my blog." I really do like it, and I think this will be a keeper.

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