Saturday, August 25, 2007

Manhunt 2 Re-rated from AO to M, Gets Halloween Release Date

Thanks to for this news story that the game Manhunt 2 has gotten the "M" rating it needed for a release on the consoles, and that it'll be released on October 31, Halloween.

No one knows the extent of the editing Rockstar had to do in order for MH2 to get an "M" rating, but one thing is for certain: MH2 will certainly be a best-seller, and a lot of the people who play it will probably be young people under 18. That's why these groups who were speaking out about the game before it was even rated the first time really aren't smart. In their outspoken, relentless zeal to "protect" the children, all they did was help promote the game. They're the best marketing team Rockstar could have hoped for.

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