Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is America Turning Left?

Probably, but even so, our way of "left" is still much more conservative than in many other places around the world. That's the perspective of this good, short editorial in The Economist. A very good point it makes is that the GOP's implosion is much more akin to the Democratic downfall of the 1960's rather than Bush Sr's defeat in 1992. By that, there is such a thirst for a change in political direction due to Bush's overreach, rather than the awkward non-direction of his father. The far-right has gotten everything it's wanted, but everyone else is pissed off in the process.

But you shouldn't rejoice just yet if you're craving real change in America. The Democratic front-runners (Hillary, Barack) are the right-leaning New Democrats. They want to maintain the status quo, just in a kinder and gentler way. They want to put band-aids on our health care system, rather than give it the total overhaul it obviously needs. They want to remain in Iraq and possibly install our forces in other countries as well. And business? Their money is good with the Democratic Party as well as the GOP.

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