Monday, August 6, 2007

Dumbass of the Day

One of my guilty pleasures is reading (and sometimes blogging) about a person who does a really dumb thing. It's usually a criminal; for example, last week someone was arrested at a courthouse in my county for bringing a stolen car to court on another matter. Seriously, what kind of idiot drives a stolen car to court?

Anyway, this wasn't so much stupid as it was a simple matter of being outsmarted. A producer from Dateline NBC smuggled in a hidden camera to a hackers' convention in Las Vegas. She was outed by somebody within NBC to Defcon, the hackers' conference. In turn, she was then outed by the people at Defcon, and fled the scene. I don't know what Dateline was thinking. An attractive blond lady is going to stick out like a sore thumb at a geeks' convention. What, there were no online predators or IPod thieves for Dateline to bring to justice this week?

Watch the video here

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