Monday, August 20, 2007

I hate my DS

Well, I don't hate it, but it's pretty darned close. When I bought my DS Lite, I bought the web browser that'd just come out for it. I figured that rather than having to sit behind this desk every time I wanted to surf the web or blog, I could do it from my portable DS, anywhere I wanted. My room of choice when I'm not here is usually the family room, because my HD set is in there, where I can watch a DVD or something on TV. I could just lay back on the couch, surf the web...or so I thought.

I am so pissed at Nintendo. I guess that you can have a seamless wifi connection in your home. The catch is, though, that you have to turn off your computer's firewall protection. So, if I want to have web access on my DS, that won't disconnect if you breathe on it, that won't take you 20 tries to even access a page for a millisecond, I have to leave my computer exposed to any pirate or saboteur who wishes to do harm to it. Thanks a lot, Nintendo, really.

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