Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adrian Campbell

Here is the email that Adrian Campbell sent me the other day. As I've explained, Adrian was featured in "Sicko" and was soon after fired from her job for appearing in the film. Please contact Meijer's to complain about their petty, vindictive treatment of Adrian. Scroll down for the phone number.

Hi Jeff,

This is Adrian Campbell, the American who goes to Canada for healthcare in SiCKO. I will attach a picture to confirm. I came across your blog, and wanted to say thank you! It means a lot when I get supporters of universal healthcare. I read your profile, and was quite impress too. Howard 100 is one of your favorite stations? That is mine too, I love having Sirius.

So, yes I am with out a job cause of my appearance in SiCKO. I am looking, but it is hard in Michigan. There are very few jobs here, cause we have the highest unemployment rate in the US. It sucks.

I am trying to make something of my appearance. I am not sure what at this point. I like the idea of Hook A Canuck, as an actual show on tv. I came across some message board on comedy central's website, and someone has dubbed me the "SiCKO Hottie."

I am going to Washington DC on September 29th, along with Donna Smith and her husband Larry to march in the Healthcare not Warfare protest.

Thanks again for your support!


Adrian Campbell
American SiCKO

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