Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gonzales resigns

The Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, resigned today. I never really had interest in the various scandals this guy was apparently at the center of, but something I find interesting, and that CNN (or any source I've read) hasn't entertained yet, were the reasons for it. Why now? This guy's been in the hot-seat for months. Rumor has it that Bush was ready to fire him months ago, but backed down due to their friendship.

Well, this past weekend, John Warner, a Republican senator from VA, was making noise about cutting troop levels in Iraq. With the assessment of Iraq being put before Congress in a week or so, it's a real possibility that Bush will lose the GOP on Iraq. Some Republicans in the Senate have been very critical and unsupportive of Gonzales. So Bush makes a deal. Stay behind me in Iraq, don't waver, and I'll give you the head of Alfredo Garcia, oops, I mean Alberto Gonzales.

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