Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What If We Followed Our Own Advice?

Another thought-provoking post from the Contemplation of Preponderance blog. It compares and contrasts the Israel situation with our immigration situation here in the States. Liz suggests that since Bush is suggesting a, more or less, Berlin-type plan for Israel (half of Jerusalem for Israelis, the other half for Palestinians), that we should use a similar solution to address our illegal immigration problem here. Since we stole Texas from Mexico anyway, why not just give it back for the illegals to inhabit? That's brilliant. We may lose a state, our biggest state, but we also gain because we take our biggest domestic monkey right off our shoulders. I think it's a solution that the pro and anti-illegal factions can actually agree on. And also, as Liz says in the last sentence, it also means that we won't have any more presidents from that state.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What If We Followed Our Own Advice?

They used to call that "practicing what ya preached." I've been reading that Dr. Rice is telling Israel how it needs to be, and making some pretty strong statements regarding the American administration's expectations. I mean, really, her boss is out in about 15 months and his vision or dream just isn't coming to fruition in the Middle East, so she's going to get things moving. Now, I realize America would never admit this, but in all the stories about this, it seems she is indicating that Israel is being held responsible for the lack of progress in President Bush's Roadmap to Peace. Isn't that the typical, age old "blame the Jews" that has always run rampant in the world? And now America is doing it, too, only in a more difficult way to identify as such . . . Anyway, I read that Condi is going to be dealing with all those concerned this week and one more time before the big Annapolis Summit that is one month from today. So this is a high pressure deal and the big prize seems to be turning Jerusalem into Berlin. Half for Israel and half for Palestine. Since the religious right can't seem to see the handwriting on the wall, let's bring this same strategy closer to home.
Americans are up in arms about all the illegals from Mexico that don't have to leave and now can't be employed without getting the employers in trouble, so they'll have no choice but welfare and charity agencies. Just as Israel gained the territory in question in the Six Day war, we "won" Texas from Mexico. President Bush is convinced that Israel's land concession will resolve the conflict of the Middle East. Why not give the same concept the same confidence here? So, let's take our own advice and just give Texas back for the illegals to inhabit. Say, there would be an added benefit to giving Texas back, we'd not have any more Presidents from that state.
But let every man prove his own work . . . New Testament


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