Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Rockies Get Off Their Knees

This is an article in the Nation about the Colorado Rockies, the NL representative in this year's World Series. I haven't been a baseball fan for years, but the Rockies' story is an inspiring one. They've won 21 of their last 22 games (the article doesn't make it clear if this happened in the regular season, or from the regular season into the playoffs, but either way it's an incredible feat). Last year, there was a controversy in which the GM and CEO both said that they were looking for Christian players. The writer of this article tries to raise this as a form of intolerance and forcing a certain religion down other people's throats.

I'm against religious fundamentalism and intolerance in the name of religion as much as the next guy. But I honestly don't see a problem with a sports franchise proclaiming that they want players who have "character" (Christianity). When you factor in all the stories you hear about athletes, and how they set a bad example for others, maybe it's good for a team to proclaim that they want and they expect something different out of their players.

I do agree on the writer's opinion about the Rockies' policy on selling their World Series tickets exclusively over the Internet. It's a deplorable way to treat your hometown fans and have them lose out at the expense of rich carpetbaggers who just want to snag tickets to the World Series. That's not a very Christian thing to do. But they're not the only team in professional sports who pulls that shit. That's why I'm not a sports fan anymore. You just see these organizations hold the fans in total contempt and treat them like crap.

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