Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dumbass of the Day

Occasionally, I read about a real dumbass, and what he or she did, and I feel compelled to post about it. Probably needless to say, but this is one of those days. A guy took a computer game, "Cars", back to Target for a refund, claiming that it wouldn't work on his computer. The sales clerk refused to give him a refund. In turn, the man flashed a badge, identified himself as a police officer (he was a building inspector) and threatened to arrest the guy for the "crime" of refusing to give him a refund. The clerk only offered to let him exchange the item, so the guy vowed to be back in uniform, with handcuffs, to arrest the clerk.

This guy, Steven Sather, was recently on trial in California for impersonating a police officer. It ended in a hung jury, and the prosecution is in the process of deciding what to do with Sather. My question is, what was the jury confused about? This guy is a dumbass and deserves to have the book thrown at him. I'd say the same thing, even if he actually was law enforcement. Why would you threaten to arrest a clerk or manager for not returning a game or movie you bought? They're just doing their jobs.

Plus, those rules are in place for a reason. If they weren't, who would stop people from buying a game or movie, copying it, and taking it back to the store? Also, I'm betting this guy didn't even check the spec requirements on the game package before opening it. Like I said, total dumbass.

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