Monday, October 22, 2007

Clinton II = Bush II

A few weeks ago, I made a brief post about a comment that Mos Def made during Bill Maher's talk show, namely that control of the White House has been passed around like a marijuana cigarette from Bush to Clinton to Bush, and apparently back to Clinton again if the tea leaves are to be believed. I read this informative article today on Hillary. It confirms what I've always believed, but it should be an eye-opener to most of you. For all of the right-wing hate towards Hillary left over from the Clinton years, the truth is that she really isn't that different from Bush II when it comes to most issues. She's a hawk, she voted for the Patriot Act, she has supported Bush on warrantless wiretapping, and to make it personal, she co-sponsored a bill to ban violent video games and is a friend of the entertainment lobby and their copyright agenda, which I've posted about.

What's funny is that while Hillary's policies won't be that much better than Dubya's, and would probably be right at home with the GOP candidates on most issues, the Republicans would have the best chance of winning if she were to run. The anti-Clinton camp still runs deep. But if Hillary does win as the general Democratic candidate, it'd be a Pyrrhic victory. For if she does win the White House, it'd just be a Democrat going in the same path as Bush.

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