Thursday, October 18, 2007

And you think the ERSB is bad

A lot of hardcore gamers (and their parents) are pretty critical of the ESRB, either saying they're too harsh with the ratings they hand out to games, or not harsh enough. Well, at least virtually all the controversial games are released here. Unlike, say, in Australia. In Australia, many games have been banned over the years. A lot of them bad games like the 50 Cent one, but bad or not, people should still have the right to try it for themselves. This is due to Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification, which doesn't have an 18+ rating (what would be an "M" rating here) for games with adult content (like violence and swearing).

The latest controversy (and game to be banned in Australia) is the latest game in the Soldier of Fortune series. SOF: Payback has many forms of extreme violence and gore. In this video, you'll see legs being shot off, and heads too. I love these kinds of games, and that I can play them here.

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