Monday, October 29, 2007

I met with the director of the paralegal program I've been planning to take, and what an experience. In academia, I've come to experience that a lot of people you talk to have that strong whiff of arrogance that just smacks you in the face. Like they're so all-knowing and superior to you. But the guy I met with today, total 180 shift. He couldn't have been more helpful and open to answering my questions. We even went over a possible schedule for when I start class. So now, I'm just really pumped. This is a strong vision, on the cusp of being reality. In the summer, hopefully I'll be doing an internship, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Federal court in Islip. That'd be such a really cool experience. Not that I'm especially fond of court, it'd just feel, for me, to be the first time that I'm doing truly adult work. Not just punching buttons on a cash register or lifting cases, but work that requires actual skill and education.

Otherwise, today's been such a wash. I was walking around college all day, and was so exhausted when I came home. On top of that, I'm catching a cold. Oh yeah, and I lost my FAFSA form (with my pin number on it) somewhere in the campus parking lot. That's bad, right? My number's easy to remember, but still.

And I didn't play any games today. I plugged in my Gamecube the other night, and played some of the Mega Man Collection. I played some of Mega Man 1, and man. When you get piqued by a difficult game from today, put in a game like MM1. It'll make the game you're playing seem like the Barney game for Genesis. Damn, I forgot how frustrating it was. Now, I'm getting nostalagic for Sonic. So tomorrow or soon, I'm gonna pop in the Sonic Mega Collection. It's been a long time since I've kicked Robotnik's ass.

I recently got around to playing Max Payne and beating it. It's an easy game, but very fun if you like Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe, with a healthy dose of old-school John Woo style action thrown in.

Now I'm gonna bury myself in two comforters cause of my cold and leave jazz music playing. Goodnight.

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