Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Larry Craig, Pt. II

It was discovered recently that another Republican politician has had a record of soliciting sex in men's bathrooms. Joey DiFatta, a Councilman in New Orleans and until recently a candidate for state senate, has been busted twice for unusual incidents in a public restroom. One was for peeking through a stall at a man. The other was for rubbing a deputy's leg and telling him that "I want to play with you." In a novel approach, DiFatta withdrew from the upcoming election upon discovering that this sordid chapter of his life would soon be made public, with the excuse that he'd been hospitalized for chest pains and recently had a minor heart attack.

All Republicans should just come out already. I'm convinced that they're all in the closet. There should be three bathrooms in public places: men, women, and gay Republicans.

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