Saturday, October 13, 2007

Coulter: "We want Jews to be perfected"

Ultra-right wing columnist and author Ann Coulter is under fire again for comments she made suggesting that America would be better if everyone were Christian. In an exchange with a CNBC host who was Jewish, she also said that Jews should repent from Judaism and become Christians.

I've come to believe that Coulter doesn't believe half of the things she says, at least on television. The more articles like this, the more people know of her and the more books she will sell. What makes it a brilliant strategy is the media's unerring willingness to enable her. She's made many outrageous statements over the years, and I've seen quite a few of the journalists who interview her become appalled, like this guy Donny Deutsch. My question is, if you find her offensive and her comments nonsensical and moronic, why do you keep having her as a guest on your programs? Why not cut her down to size and deny her a platform?

This reminds me of the comments that the late Jerry Falwell made after 9/11. He blamed America for 9/11 for its tolerance towards abortion, homosexuality, and so on. He said that God punished America on that day. You'd think that for sure, he'd be blacklisted from the major media, and it would have been rightly deserved. But no, he still appeared on Hardball and the other talking head, inside the Beltway programs.

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