Friday, September 21, 2007

Tony coming back to 24

I know at least one 24 fan (and a friend) reads my blog, and I'm hoping there are more, since this post is specifically directed to them. In case you haven't heard, Carlos Bernard is reprising his role as Tony Almeida in the new season of 24. But, you ask, how is that possible? Wasn't he killed in Season 5? He was zipped up, declared dead, and everything, wasn't he? Yes, he sure was. But in a move that has already stirred up controversy among 24 fans, it's been announced that Tony will be coming back to the show. I don't know, folks. I'm a huge fan of 24. Tony's one of my favorite characters. Carlos Bernard? Great actor. But I have to say, on the surface, this sounds like a really crappy idea.

Over the years, particularly this past season, people have said that 24 has "jumped the shark" (term for reaching its peak and having a moment that leads to a significant and total decline). I have always found this laughable. But with this decision, 24 isn't merely in danger of jumping the shark, it might become the very definition of "jumping the shark". I feel it was a shitty idea to kill off Tony in the first place, it served no purpose other than some short-term shock value, but what's done should be done. Undoing the mistake can be worse than the mistake. I know you have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief while being a loyal 24 viewer, but this might be too much.

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