Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Beat Scarface!

Everyone who's a gamer knows how good it feels, the sense of accomplishment, in finally beating a game. I feel that and more, as I've just beaten Scarface: The World is Yours on the PS2. I've pretty much been playing it off and on since it came out last October, so I've been playing it for a fairly long time, nearly a year. I'd originally planned to buy it for my brother's birthday, but Gamespot gave it a pretty mediocre review, so I just rented it from Blockbuster to try it for myself. I guess Gamespot's been wrong before, as they were that time. Yeah, it was a GTA clone, but a very good one. I became addicted to it, like Tony was addicted to his yeyo, immediately. On Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving and the busiest shopping day of the year), Target had it on sale for 30 bucks, so I got it. It was well worth it.

It's a very long game, with lots of missions. You also have to make money to buy "exotics" such as fast cars, boats, and furniture for your mansion. As someone who isn't that materialistic, I wasn't planning to use that feature often, but you have to to enhance your reputation level and get further in the game. The graphics are really good, beautiful in some places. I kind of think of sitting in front of the TV now, turning the game on, and just sending Tony to one of the beaches, with a drink in my hand, pretending I'm at the beach, LOL. Yeah, I'm really weird.

But yeah, it's an awesome feeling, since the game is so lengthy and some of the missions are really difficult. If you love the movie or GTA-type games, and haven't played this, you really should.


Anonymous said...

HI im kim im stuck i cant beat the game i have 105% left to go and i cant figure it out if you could email me how to do it would be great cause i have been trying to figure it out for almost 2 weeks now and i want to beat it already. my email is

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