Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bush's Climate Meeting: Talk, But No Action

Another bit of good news is that George W. Bush, long a denier of global warming, is holding a White House summit on global warming. This is a sign of progress. But probably not a sign of huge progress. This administration has a habit of taking a problem, and making a series of token gestures to show that they realize it's a problem and that they care. They'll have Bush make speeches around the country with spiffy backdrops behind him, or he'll hold summits. This fine article in Business Week details how his head-in-the-sand approach to global warming can not only put us all at risk, but has already cost us many billions by missing out on the emissions-reductions technology market. Bill Clinton, who admittedly wasn't exactly a green president (besides having Mr. Inconvenient Truth as VP, he backed out of the Kyoto Accord), has said that by ignoring the need to reduce carbon emissions, that we've missed out on "the biggest job-creation machine in years."

About how we can probably expect out of this summit is for Bush to have his staff do "more research", like he has in the past.

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