Friday, September 21, 2007

Socialized Medicine

Another great post from Liz at the Contemplation of Preponderance blog. She talks about how the nation's senior citizens are up in arms about the positions of the various Democratic candidates on health care, which they find lean into "socialistic" territory. You know, I find that as I'm soon wading into my 30s, I get easily irritated by children and young adults. But the good thing about them is that they can't vote and they'd rather get an IPod with their parents' money than donate it to a political candidate or organization. Unfortunately, you can't say the same for old people. They have many lobbying organizations, the biggest of them all AARP. And they're truly a force to be reckoned with in the electoral field. This is bad news for the rest of us.

I have a confession to make, one that might well cause me to lose a few visitors. For the most part, I loathe old people. They're rude, unpleasant, loud, and are generally a displeasure to be around. Of course, there are exceptions, but those are usually the kinds of emotions I feel when I'm around them. However, that doesn't compare with how I feel about them in terms of their influence in policy, and their general feelings and interests in terms of our nation's policies. What Liz puts so elequently here, that I am failing at right now, is that while old people are decrying "socialism" in health care, they have reaped the fruits of socialism for many years. Of course, I'm referring to Social Security and Medicare. Those programs are the very definition of "socialism." I'm in complete favor of these programs, and when I get old, I hope I'm well taken of with some form of safety net. But, I also would hope that I don't make others pay at my expense, in the form of fighting to deny these same benefits to others.

Seniors always have wanted to preserve their programs, while at the same time fighting to ensure that others' needs aren't met, hence meaning they'd have to sacrifice a little. But oh no, seniors can't have that. They've always been intent on taking from us, and giving nothing back. They rail against universal healthcare, but they're well taken care of. They own homes that they'll get to pass down to their children and grandchildren, while they're way out of reach for many people in my generation. They bitch about paying property taxes, and they gripe about an estate tax, but they think nothing of using their clout to cut programs in other areas, like school programs, for example. So, fuck them. Finally, off to the post:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Socialized Medicine

Hillary, Barack, and John all have our health in the forefront of their campaigns. I have to tell you, though, I really find it hilarious that so many senior citizens are up in arms about all these "liberal democrat's ideas that are nothing but socialism!" Medicare and Social Security are the backbone of any socialist society, and yet American senior citizens just can't understand that. I've made reference before to the system and the uproar from those that are the most benefitted, but I feel that it is high time to truly understand this burden of respect and care that has been thrust upon the working class of America all in the name of tax laws, nationalism, and respect. In 1935, the young generation "respectfully" left the farm and said forget it. Since there was no one to take over the family business of farming, this young heady generation gladly paid a miniscule percentage of their city wages to support their aging country parents. The ratio was 16 workers to 1 recipient, and although the percentages have changed all the way around, many of those original working class are now and have been collecting for over 20 years. So, they should remember the fact that what they were paying in, was not for them to collect. Their parents collected what they contributed so they could go to town! Now, we come to the next generation which is also now collecting, because "they paid into it." Well, apparently "they" weren't listening in school or were absent that day. Social Security was never established for the payor to be building a personal retirement nest egg. Social Security was for the elderly without income, and that was when the work force outnumbered the collections. Then along came Johnson with his "Great Society" plans and medicare was added to the already lucritive pot of reward for living long enough to no longer have to contribute. With medicare added, now the simple formula of collecting 13 Social Security checks could multiply many times over, by extending the life expectancy of the average American. With medicare added, living 13 months after retirement, rapidly turned into 13 years, and beyond. But these people knew, they hadn't really contributed all that money and they knew what they had contributed had already been spent by the previous generation, and they knew they didn't have nearly the number of children that their parents had, and yet . . .
So now, these same people are up in arms because they are just sure that one of those democrats, if elected, plans to implement socialized medicine.
The way I see it, the big concern is not socialized medicine, because the seniors have had it for some time. I don't understand how so many of our nation's seniors can live by the benefits of history's democrats, yet donate and vote against the same political standard that brought so many of their benefits about. Are the senior citizens afraid that socialized medicine would mean they have to share their medicare rights with everyone?
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