Sunday, September 30, 2007

From Bush to Clinton, back to Bush, then back to Clinton

A couple of weeks ago, on Real Time with Bill Maher, the actor/rapper Mos Def said something really funny, and something that actually had never occurred to me until then. I should have my head checked, because it was one of those things that any political animal would be paying attention to. He referred to the situation as like a group of people exchanging a joint at a party. First, Bush Sr. had it, than he gave it to Bill Clinton, than Clinton gave it to Dubya, and lastly, Dubya gave it to Clinton's wife, Hillary. By "it", I'm referring to, of course, the presidency of the United States. When he said that, it hit me like a slap. In a time period of 20 years, and possibly 30 if Hillary wins the presidency and is re-elected four years after, there will be two families who would have possessed the presidency. That's food for thought, fit for a feast.

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