Monday, September 17, 2007

New Season of Prison Break starts tonight

Finally, the fall TV season is starting tonight, with the season premiere of Prison Break. What a great show. I've been waiting months, since it ended in a cliffhanger. Michael's in a prison again, only this time, it makes Fox River look like a country club. It's in a Latin American hellhole. Bellick and the FBI agent (damn, I know his first name is Alex, he's played by William Fitchner, a great actor) are also imprisoned. In a twist of fate, it's Linc (Michael's brother who he got out of prison in Season one) who is now on the outside, looking to rescue Michael. Anyway, sorry about that, I was doing that more for myself, as a way to refresh my memory. Anyway, watch Prison Break tonight at 8 on Fox. After that's K-Ville, which I talked about a few weeks ago. That looks like it's gonna be really good too.

Well, I'm off to the theater cause my brother wants to see The Brave One, that new Jodie Foster movie. I want to see Shoot-Em-Up but maybe next time. Later.

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